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YSB-800 Plastic woven bag flexible continuous printing machine(No change roller gear type)
Machine Overview
With continuous printing function, and can be positive and negative molding, free combination(6+05+14+23+3)to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, up to 45-65pic per minute.
 The device is directly controlled by the computer to change the bag length without changing the version of the roller. Referring to the advanced technology to increase the inking mechanism, when the host goes down, no printing defects. Servo-control speed, smooth operation; advanced anilox roller ink transfer, to transfer ink evenly full ink; using online auto trapping, reduce printing defects.
  The overall structure of the machine: pneumatic feeding, pneumatic automatic correction system, using frequency wingding, hot air circulation oven temperature oven, and equipped with advanced standard system that can track the bags printing single-sided complex color film. The machine design is reasonable, easy to operate, easy on the version, set machine, electricity, gas in one, unified whole governor, is the latest product. The device is adapted to a wide surface, simple maintenance, less wearing parts, low noise. More vivid full color printing, the operation easier.
1. Diameter of unwinding fabric                 1200mm
2. Max. feeding width                                 800mm
3.Effective printing width                            680mm
4.Printing length                                         ≤1300mm(no change roller)
5.Printing speed                                         45-65pcs/min
6.Length deviation                                      ±1mm
7.Color deviation                                         ±1mm
8.Thickness of printing plate                        4~6mm
9.Total power                                              24KW
10.Air Consumption                                     0.4 m3/min
11.Dimensions(L×W×H)                               11200×1490×2000mm(Six color)each±1 color, the length±700mm
12.Total weight                                            6T each±1 color ,weight ±1T
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